Trans Africa Road Trip Art

With the desire to avail Students a memorable opportunity to experience the rich taste of Exposure, Exploration, Fun and more so as to see students return focused and with broadened perspective on success, we present; “THE TRANS AFRICA ROAD TRIP 2015“.

The trans Africa road trip is a journey across three mighty African countries -Togo,Benin and Ghana. Beautiful cultures to explore, whole new atmosphere plus, new acquaintances to be met.

We bring you close to young entrepreneurs, pace setters and allowing participants network amongst like minded people to share ideas and build individual potentials.

All that and more on this amazing, first ever road trip. With so much fun activities to look forward to, you have every reason to be on the road with us.

Brace yourself as details of how to make reservations will be out soon.

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The 2015 Holiday FUN ROAD TRIP……..Maximum Fun Ensured

Nana Hauwa Ize
Dir Media and Publicity

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for!

20th – 30th May, 2015.

Maximum fun, Accomodation, International Exposure, Great Sight-seeing Experience, International Acquaintance,
Shopping Opportunities Feeding expenses, Summit registrations, Sourveniers and more…

#45,000 for those with Ecowas International Passports. And #50,000 for those without their Ecowas International Passports.

It’s 3 countries and for 10 days with so much to look forward to. So much more to gain from the #RoadTrip especially, The Exclusive Opportunity to be at the Comedy show tagged:

“Laffter in the Ghanastyle” Featuring; YOUNG-J.

Put together by DeyFine Entertainment at Labadi Beach, Ghana.
How many of you know how to laugh in the Ghanastyle????

Intrested personnels are to get Registration forms at the underlisted points and proceed to Fidelity bank for payment with a means of Identification.

The organizing team would be putting up promos in relation to the event, prizes like shopping vouchers, Free Hairdo, Travel Kit and a lot more would be up for frabs for those who make reservations early.

Now all that stands between you and Transafrica road trip is just that meagre amount.

You have the right to be on the road with us coz it gonna be a DeyFine ride.

It’s an Epoch event to miss out from.
Grab a form from;
Fidelity bank
Asadel Restaurant
Mummy cool restaurant
All Faculty Association Secretariat
Comedy supermarket
Sug secretariat
Airtel office
Amazing Supermarket
Aroma restaurant
Safara restaurant
Candy bite
Habib yoghourt
Treasure beauty saloon
Amalicious boutique
Staggers boutique……….

Fill it,
Provide requested documents,
Head to Fidelity bank,
And By this, you just secured yourself a seat on the Trans Africa Road Trip.

Nana Hauwa Sule
Dir Media and Publicity

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