Reekado banks

Spotlight got in touch with Mavin Records newly signed act Reekado Banks currently rated Africa’s Next Big Act. Here is a brief interview on how he met Don Jazzy & More


If you a good music fan & listener then the song “Turn It Up” Featuring Tiwa Savage should ring a bell or DOROBUCCI Chorus. It’s Nice Meeting you “Reekado Banks” Please give us a brief background of yourself. I’m Solomon Ayoleyi Hanniel by birth. The last of 6 children. A product of a pastor and caterer.

So tell us,When did you realize that you could Sing, and how did you get into the Singing?

I realized I could sing since I was 6, wen I wrote my first song “Olorun ose”, which means “thank you Lord” in the English language. Buh after this time, I didn’t put my mind to making music anymore, until 2008 after secondary sch, when I was waiting to get admitted into d university, music slowly crawled back into my life as a savior from boredom, lol. And that’s how I got addicted to it.

With the industry having heavy weight artiste dropping songs daily What are the challenges you’ve faced so far, how hard has it been for you to get you where you are today? Sincerely, I’m not bothered about the amount of heavy songs dropped by any A’list artiste, I’m very confident in my released/unreleased materials, and I know, by God’s grace I’ll shock the world. Also, so many challenges were faced on my way to the top, buh thru the help of my guardian angel, Temi (my elder brother), it was less stressful for me, as he took the whole burden on himself.
How good are you with freestyle ,what’s your comment on artiste dropping freestyle songs daily without sitting down to write a song which may make more meaning than -just words that comes out without a second thought*. I’m not the best freestyler in d world, buh wen it’s tym to freestyle, I put my 100 in it.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?
I grew up listening to different kinds of music, from RnB to pop to Apala to gospel etc. Basically, my music taste was so wide, I cldnt resist anything called music, whatsoever the d style was.

Tell us how you got signed to Mavin Record,Meeting Don Jazzy ?
Getting signed on DonJazzy’s Mavin records is a miracle. He sent a tweet saying upcoming acts shld send in their demo tracks, den my brother did without evn lettin me knw. Buh to cut it short, my song was picked out of 5thousand other songs. Then we were contacted to come to d studio, that day I recorded 6songs in abt 2hrs. They got impressed with my ability and versatility, and look whr we are today.

How is working with Don Jazzy (Dorobucci) feels like ?
Working with Donjazzy is Awesome, it means working with the best and biggest producer in Africa, and infact the biggest black producer out of Africa to the world.

Studio section with Tiwa Savage for the hit song “Turn it Up” what was the
motivation behind that song ?
Turn it up was a finished song before our First Lady Tiwa heard it and desired to be on it. I was super glad cos she being on it would give me more attention. The whole idea was, we wanted to create a party anthem, a song that puts pple in d party mood, and by God’s grace, I think we achieved it.

We understand you have some previously released single under the name SPICY so why the change of name to Reekado Banks Yh, there were many songs released under the former name “Spicy”. I noticed there were so many other people using that name, so I decided to
change mine.

I understand that Some would recognize your voice normally but Like every other Star artiste having that unique word (Line) in their songs which we recognize them for,tell us which we can know you for .Is it your Hair,your shoes just tell us the that one thing that everybody be like heeey it’s Reekado Banks

It’s cool to have a signature, buh believe me, it gets boring after sometime. So U’ll never catch me stuck on one thg. My name, voice myt remain the same, buh I can assure u I’m a fan of versatility and change.

There is this One thing about been a celebrity ,you don’t have time like you use to before the fame & suddenly a couple friends ,people start saying alot o things about you not having thier time . Is any of that happening right Now ? How do you pan to keep up with family & friends .

Yuuuuuup, a lot of gists are flying around already, buh I’m not bothered cos my real family and friends understand. At every tym I have, although very rare, I go home to see my family and hangout wit my friends.

I heard you have recorded over a hundred song currently with Mavin when are expecting the Video for TURN IT UP ? or it’s just going to be a video for another unreleased song that would come through ..

Hahaha, I don’t have over a hundred songs with mavin yet, but for now, I’ve recorded 52.

Mavins featuring Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks, Di’Ja & Korede Bello – AdaObi

Tiwa Savage’s Wanted Video is causing a lot of controversy,please share your thoughts >>

Tiwa has raised the bar higher for her competitors and that’s a good thing to do by a trend setter. For the raised eyebrows, I’d say they have the right to say what ever they
want, if they are talking from the African culture viewpoint, buh the thing I’ll say is, music is not bounded by cultural beliefs or language.

*What should we expect from Reekado Banks Soon ?

Expect videos, and more songs, and expect to me at the top.

Tell Us 5 Things We don’t know about Reekado Banks ?

ReekadoBanks is not a girl Hahhaha He’s scared of heights

How do you see your self in the next 2 years?

In the next two years, I’ll be on top of the game, but not on top my game, cos thr will still be so much to explore. And by God’s grace, I’ll be causing so much tension in the industry.

17) Before we go in one word how would you describe Korede Bello
,Dija,D’Prince,Dr Sid ,Tiwa Savage ,Don Jazzy ?

Korede bello – awesome
Dija- awesome
Dprince- awesome
Dr Sid – awesome
Tiwa – awesome
Don jazzy – awesome